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Our university press partners

Oxford Academic brings together a growing list of over 15,000 research publications from 24 prestigious university presses on a single platform. Since its conception in 2011, the collection has continued to grow, providing access to essential content in almost every area of scholarship. Content is available to read online or chapter–by–chapter PDF downloads. 

Partner Presses  

The American University in Cairo Press

The American University in Cairo Press is the leading English language publishing house in the Middle East, delivering the best in scholarship and analysis on Egypt and the Arab world, particularly in the fields of society, history, and politics. 

Cairo Scholarship Online includes content in three subject areas: society & culture, religion, and political science. 

Visit Cairo Scholarship Online to discover more.

The British Academy

The British Academy is the UK's national academy for the humanities and social sciences. It mobilises these disciplines to understand the world and shape a brighter future.

The British Academy has been publishing books for over 100 years. From early career scholars to established authors, our publishing programme showcases scholarship in the humanities and social sciences, enriching and shaping academic discourse. 

Visit British Academy Scholarship Online to discover more.

University of California Press

University of California Press is one of the largest and most distinguished university presses in the country, publishing books and journals in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. 

California Scholarship Online provides access to high quality content in anthropology, biology, classical studies, history, music, religion, and sociology. 

Visit California Scholarship Online to discover more.

University of Chicago Press

University of Chicago Press has been publishing books and journals since 1892, primarily in the humanities, social sciences, and life sciences. 

Chicago Scholarship Online provides access to titles in Biology, Economics and Finance, Education, Literature, and Sociology. Additional content in anthropology, classical studies, history, law, music, philosophy, political science, religion, and society & culture was added in March 2013. 

Visit Chicago Scholarship Online to discover more.

Columbia University Press

Columbia University Press was founded in 1893 and is the fourth-oldest university press in the United States.

The purpose of the press as expressed in its Certificate of Incorporation is to "promote the study of economic, historical, literary, scientific and other subjects and to promote and encourage the publication of literary works embodying original research in such subjects." Throughout its history, one of the strengths of the Press has been the diversity of its list. 

Visit Columbia Scholarship Online to discover more.

Cornell University Press

Cornell University Press, founded in 1869, has the distinction of being the first university press to be founded in the United States.

From that beginning almost 150 years ago, Cornell has grown to be a major scholarly publisher, offering over 100 new titles a year in the humanities and social sciences. 

Visit Cornell Scholarship Online to discover more.

Edinburgh University Press

Edinburgh University Press is the premier Scottish publisher of academic books and journals, and one of the top university presses in the UK. 

Edinburgh Scholarship Online provides full- text access to a wide range of titles in classical studies, film, television, and radio, history, law, linguistics, literature, philosophy, political science, and society & culture. 

Visit Edinburgh Scholarship Online to discover more.

The University Press of Florida

The University Press of Florida publishes in the humanities and social sciences and has particular strengths in the fields of Latin American studies, American history, and literature. 

Florida Scholarship Online includes content in four subject areas: archaeology, society & culture, history, and literature. 

Visit Florida Scholarship Online to discover more.

Fordham University Press

Fordham University Press publishes in the humanities and social sciences, with a particular emphasis on anthropology, philosophy, theology, literature, and the fine arts. 

Fordham Scholarship Online offers access to high quality monograph content across the following subject areas: history, literature, philosophy, and religion. 

Visit Fordham Scholarship Online to discover more.

University of Hawai'i Press

University of Hawai'i Press is recognized within the worldwide scholarly community as a leading publisher of books and journals on Asia, Asian Americans, Hawai‘i, and the Pacific.

Disciplines covered include the arts, history, language, literature, natural science, philosophy, religion, and the social sciences. 

Visit Hawai'i Scholarship Online to discover more.

Hong Kong University Press

Hong Kong University Press is renowned for publishing high quality scholarship on Hong Kong, China, and the wider Asian region.

Hong Kong Scholarship Online provides full-text access to academic monographs in the humanities and social sciences, including history, anthropology, film, and society & culture. 

Visit Hong Kong Scholarship Online to discover more.

The University of Illinois Press

The University of Illinois Press, founded in 1918, promotes research and education, enriches cultural and intellectual life, and fosters regional pride and accomplishments, enhancing and extending the University of Illinois's reputation. 

Visit Illinois Scholarship Online to discover more.

The University Press of Kentucky

The University Press of Kentucky publishes in the humanities and social sciences, with an emphasis on the fields of film, military studies, and American history. 

Kentucky Scholarship Online offers access to a wide range of titles across history, film, television, and radio, and political science. 

Visit Kentucky Scholarship Online to discover more.

Liverpool University Press

Liverpool University Press is the UK's third oldest university press, and is one of the fastest growing publishers of recent years. 

Liverpool Scholarship Online launched with over 200 titles in history, literature, political science, and society & culture. 

Visit Liverpool Scholarship Online to discover more.

Manchester University Press

Manchester University Press is one of the largest University Presses in the UK and publishes high quality monographs, textbooks, and journals by leading scholars from around the world. 

Manchester Scholarship Online offers quick and easy access to the full text of over 300 books in history, literature, political science, film, television & radio, and society & culture. 

Visit Manchester Scholarship Online to discover more.

University of Minnesota Press

University of Minnesota Press is recognized internationally for its innovative, boundary-breaking editorial program in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Established in 1925, Minnesota is among the founding members of the Association of American University Presses (AAUP). 

Minnesota also maintains as part of its mission a strong commitment to publishing books on the people, history, and natural environment of Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.  

Visit Minnesota Scholarship Online to discover more.

University Press of Mississippi

University Press of Mississippi was founded in 1970 and is supported by Mississippi's eight public state universities. UPM publishes scholarly books of the highest distinction and books that interpret the south and its culture to the nation and the world.

Mississippi Scholarship Online  launched in March 2014 with over 200 titles across six subject areas: film, television and radio, literature, history, music, society & culture, and sociology. 

Visit Mississippi Scholarship Online to discover more.

The MIT Press

The MIT Press is the only university press in the United States whose list is based in science and technology.

Publishing around 200 new books and over 30 journal each year, The MIT Press has publishing strengths in a range of subject areas including; architecture, social theory, economics, cognitive science, and computational science. 

Visit MIT Press Scholarship Online to discover more.

The University of North Carolina Press

The University of North Carolina Press, established 90 years ago, was the first university press in the American South. Today, it is recognized worldwide as a publisher of the highest-quality scholarly works.

With over 4,000 titles to their name, UNC Press publishes across a broad range of subjects in the humanities and social sciences, including history, anthropology, law, music, and literature. 

Visit North Carolina Scholarship Online to discover more.

New York University (NYU) Press

New York University (NYU) Press, renowned for its original scholarship since founding in 1916, publishers outstanding academic works across the humanities, law, and social sciences.

At launch, NYU Scholarship Online contributed to 10 UPSO subjects, including history, law, and society & culture. 

Visit NYU Press Scholarship Online to discover more.

Policy Press

Policy Press, an imprint of Bristol University Press, publish world-class scholarship that questions the status quo, disrupts current thinking and reframes ideas in a global context.

Addressing global social challenges with the aim to effect positive change in societies, Policy Press Scholarship Online includes content in sociology, social work, law, criminology, business and management, economics, politics and international relations, and public health and epidemiology. 

Visit Policy Press Scholarship Online to discover more.

Princeton University Press

Princeton University Press brings scholarly ideas to the world, publishing books that connect authors and readers across spheres of knowledge to advance and enrich the human conversation.

They embrace the highest standards in their publishing, as embodied in the work of their authors from Albert Einstein in their earliest years to the present. 

Visit Princeton Scholarship Online to discover more.

Stanford University Press

Stanford University Press, founded in 1925, publishes around 130 books each year in the humanities and social sciences, with a strong concentration in History, Literature, Philosophy, and Asian Studies, and has growing lists in areas including Politics, Sociology, Law, and Education. 

Stanford Scholarship Online launched with almost 300 titles in a wide range of subject areas including: anthropology, economics and finance, literature, religion, and sociology. 

Visit Stanford Scholarship Online to discover more.

Yale University Press

Yale University Press publishes key works that contribute to a global understanding of human affairs. Their titles aim to further scholarly investigation, advance interdisciplinary enquiry, stimulate public debate, educate inside and outside of the classroom, and enhance cultural life. 

Yale Scholarship Online launched with over 350 titles across 12 subject areas: economics and finance, environmental science, history, law, literature, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, society & culture, and sociology. 

Visit Yale Scholarship Online to discover more.

What universities and university presses are saying    

“This is a must-have collection …we were really impressed about the fact that it was built on XML, which is fantastic for searchability and discoverability.” – Julia Mortimer, Policy Press 

“It gives the libraries what they want in a format they want it. Users can easily look for content. It’s searchable, cross-referenced, and much more futureproofed than cumbersome PDFs. Oxford’s ahead of the curve with this.” – Fredric Nachbaur, Director, Fordham University Press 

“I’d love to see more university presses become part of it. The more information and content we get into a single interface, the easier it is for users and librarians.” – Sue Polanka, Librarian, Wright State University 

“Librarians will be excited that this platform comes from a university press and that it is available online, providing excellent research at good value.” – Rachel Lee, Library Relations Manager, University of California Press  

“The speed of change in the electronic publishing environment presents both challenges and opportunities for publishers. Working with Oxford University Press … enables us to continue to innovate in how we sell our books and journals using a single online platform that reaches a global network of academic institutions, libraries and scholars, whilst maintaining our individual branding.” - Timothy E. Wright, Chief Executive, Edinburgh University Press Ltd  

“We have been impressed with OUP team’s professionalism and cooperative approach and believe the partnership will make the work of our authors as widely available as possible.” - Garrett Kiely, Director of the University of Chicago Press 

“We spent two years considering options for collection-based sales platforms and it became clear that the team at OUP were offering us the perfect fit. I'm impressed by the simplicity and strength of the platform, as well as the flexibility it offers us. I am certain that it will help to make our list available to the broadest possible audience.” - Alan Harvey, Director, Stanford University Press 

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