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Standard publication reuse rights

Journals content which is published and distributed under the Oxford University Press (OUP) Journals, Standard Publication Model is published on an exclusive licence or copyright assignment basis, and reuse rights are retained and controlled by OUP. 

Personal use

Individuals accessing OUP journals content may view, reproduce, or store copies of such content provided that it is used only for personal, non-commercial use.  Any use of such content in whole or in part must include the bibliographic citation, including author attribution, date, article title, journal title, and URL and MUST include a copy of the copyright notice.

The rights granted above are personal to each user and may not be exercised by any other person. If you make use of the content described above, you may not:

  1. remove or alter the copyright notices or other means of identification or disclaimers as they appear in the content;
  2. systematically make printed or electronic copies of multiple extracts of the content for any purpose except as permitted by law or as authorised by OUP;
  3. display or distribute any part of the content on any electronic network, including without limitation the Internet and the World Wide Web;
  4. permit anyone to access or use the content; and/or
  5. use all or any part of the content for any commercial use.

Text and data mining

In addition to the rights granted above, users may carry out text and data mining of OUP Journals content for non-commercial purposes without the need for formal permission. Although researchers are not required to request permission for non-commercial text-mining, OUP is happy to offer consultation with a technical project manager to assist in planning your project, including avoidance of any technical safeguards triggers OUP has in place to protect the stability and security of our websites. 

If you wish to carry out Text and Data Mining for commercial purposes, formal permission will be required. Find out more about text and data mining.

Author self-archiving and reuse

We allow authors to self-archive and reuse their work subject to our self-archiving policy on this website and to the individual journals’ author self-archiving policies which can be found on the homepage of each journal.

Reuse or distribution rights

Any use, reuse or distribution not permitted in the Personal Use, Text and Data Mining, or Author Self Archiving and Reuse sections above, will require permission from OUP. Find details on how to obtain permissions to use the content beyond that described above.


OUP is a participant in the CHORUS public access initiative. As such we have committed to making the Version of Record of articles funded by participating organizations publicly available 12 months after publication.

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